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  • (EPC)Flare gas system for BASF
    (EPC)Enterprise Framework Agreement with SHELL for flare gas system (one of the three in the world)
    (EPC)Flare gas system for SABIC
    (EPC)EPC strategic cooperation agreement with GCL on photovoltaic power station
    (GREEN INVESTMENT)Green investments in the form BOO/BOT/TOT projects
  • (EEM)R&D and manufacture of Liquefied Natural Gas gasifier as entrusted by SINOPEC and CNPC
  • (EEM)Sunpower Development Plan Implementation, supported by BASF
    (EEM)Environmental equipments exported to Japan
  • (EEM)Environmental equipments to SABIC, opening the Middle East market
  • (EEM)Core equipments for photovoltaic silicon for GCL Project, substantial cost cutting
  • (EEM)Environmental equipments entered the US market
    (EPC)Flare gas system exported for SINOPEC in Turkmenistan
  • (EEM)Environmental equipments for BP in Belgium
    (EEM)Environmental equipments for CTCI in Thailand
    (EPC)First high salty wastewater Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) EPC project in China, best solution to waste water treatment
  • Listed on SGX-ST
  • (EEM)Environmental equipments, pipe supports for BASF
  • Incorporation
    Environmental equipments, pipe supports and flares gas systems for SINOPEC