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Two-pronged Income Strategy

Growth Income

EPC revenue from BOT/BOO/TOT projects in Green Investments
EPC revenue from supply of energy related solutions and products to both domestic and international customers

Recurring Income

Achieve recurring income through BOT/ BOO/TOT projects over long term concessions, supplying centralized steam and electricity to customers

Strengthen our R&D capabilities and increase our product range

Our R&D team is one of the main engines for our future growth.We will continue to strengthen our R&D capabilities by investing in advanced technology, where necessary, to facilitate the development of new technologies and designs. This would enable us to increase the range of our product offerings in response to the sophisticated demands of our customers and improve the efficiency of our production process.

We also plan to increase the strength of our current R&D team by recruiting additional professionals with relevant skills and expertise to augment the knowledge of our existing team.We will also increase our joint R&D efforts with PRC research institutions and universities. Furthermore, we will continue to train and update our staff with the latest developments, trends and advances in our industry.

Continue to develop the PRC market and expand to overseas markets

We will continue to increase our existing market share in the PRC through business development activities in the PRC market. Currently, our major customers are engaged in the petrochemical and steel projects. We will continue to expand our market share in more petrochemical and steel projects. We also intend to intensify our marketing efforts in the PRC by promoting our products to electric power and chemical companies.

In addition, we also intend to promote our products more actively through further participation in relevant industry events and seminars. Our sales and marketing personnel will continue to cultivate new customers and develop existing customers through better service support. Despite the potential offered in the PRC market, we believe that our advanced technology coupled with the relatively low labour cost in the PRC where our manufacturing facilities are located, give us a competitive edge in overseas markets. We view the penetration into overseas markets as an important contributing factor towards our sustained progress and brand-building.

Acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic investments or alliances to accelerate our Group's expansion

After listing, we may take advantage of favourable financing resources and keep a lookout for synergistic businesses to bolster our growth potential via acquisitions or through other avenues.